In Association with 3D printing technology
aims students understanding maths and recycling procedure
Welcome to the website of the project  “3D printing technology aims at helping students understand math’s and recycling procedure (3D ReMath), a project coordinated by the University of the Aegean and funded by the European programme Erasmus+, through the Greek State Scholarship Foundation.
The project aims at assisting students from three European countries to better understand mathematics, to raise their environmental awareness and to enhance their interest in culture, through the use of innovative technologies and applications. In other words, to create a synergy among potentially different  educational models, demonstrating that concepts such as collaboration and innovation can coexist to serve a common purpose.
The students participating in the programme are not only able to better understand mathematics but also get acquainted with 3D printing technology and recycling as they are encouraged to reduce-reuse-recycle products and familiarize themselves with an innovative fabrication technology.
This consortium promotes European collaboration through the networking of educational institutions from three (3) European countries. The participants of the “3D-ReMath” project are comprised of the research team of the Quantitative Methods Laboratory, the Waste Management Laboratory, the Privacy Engineering and Social Informatics Laboratory of the University of the Aegean and the school teachers and representatives of the “2nd Primary School of Chios”, the “ISA13 Istituto Comprensivo Sarzana” (Italy) and the “Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes” (Portugal).
The scope of the current website is to provide information on the project’s main context, the identity of the consortium members, the main events, the respective curricula, the ongoing activities, the contact details and last but not least the outcome of the project.
The Project Coordinator, Associate Professor Maria Mavri wishes you a pleasant browsing session.
Project Coordinator
Associate Professor Mania Mavri