The aim of 3D-ReMath (3D Printing, Recycle, Mathematical), is to help students better understand mathematics and become familiar with3D printing technology and recycle


3D-ReMath Project will increase students’ imagination and empower their skills of problem solving and creativity as long as increase their ability of thinking-designing and producing. Teachers will be encouraged to introduce a “new world” to their students, the world of innovative technology, of recycle, of new pedagogical methods to science.

Participant University and more specifically the three laboratories will gain from the 3D-ReMath Project due to teachers’ training sessions and the participatory design. Laboratories will develop their collaborative and communication skills and they will actively interact with the members of the 3D-ReMath Project (students, teachers, researchers, etc.).

Activities of 3D-ReMath include:

  • A map that identify mathematical difficulties and group them to categories
  • Three (3) curricula of teaching mathematics to students with difficulties (introduction of innovative methods of teaching mathematics using technology)
  • Three (3) curricula of recycle (Recycle, Waste Management, Framework of re-use, re-design, re-cycle products)
  • Three (3) curricula of 3D printing (3D printing technology and applications, digital sketching, open spurses software for digital files)
  • Three (3) face to face trainee programs for teachers.
  • Three (3) informative events at Chios (Greece), Sarzana (Italy), Leiria (Portugral)
  • Two (2) learning courses for students in Greece, Italy and Portugal
  • One (1) international conference


Who will be benefited by 3D-ReMath

  1. Students of primary and secondary education from three (3) countries (estimated 450 students)
  2. Teachers who will participate to three (3) face to face training courses about 3D printing technology , mathematics and recycle
  3. University Professors and teachers who will be involved in order to develop the 9 curricula
  4. Researchers who define the framework of converting plastic material  to filament
  5. Researchers, Scientists, Teachers, Parents who will participate to international conference


Is 3D-ReMath an Innovative project?

3D-ReMath is innovative project, in the way that it introduces 3D printing technology as a link between science and ecology. It proposes a teaching framework within students with maths difficulties. It uses an innovative fabrication technology, in order to make students understand mathematics; increase their learning ability and their recycling awareness.

3D-ReMath and STEAM

3D-ReMath is totally aligned with STEAM philosophy (Science, Technology, Enginnering & Maths) philosophy.

  • Ask questions like a Scientist
  • Explore like technology
  • Design like an Artist
  • Print (Build) something solid like an engineer
  • Deduce like a mathematician