2nd Round of Pupils Traininig Activities in Chios

The 2nd Primary School of Chios-Greece implemented the 2nd round of students’ training course during 3 weeks, fromMay 17 to June 4, 2021.

For the implementation of the study programs of the age group 11-16, 18 students of the 5th grade   took part.

For the study programs of the age group 6-10, 17 students of the 4th grade took part.

The teachings were conducted by 4 teachers.

During the learning activities in the subject of mathematics, the children used software and applications proposed in the curricula and thus facilitated the understanding of solids and the connection of stereometry with everyday life. In the object of 3D printing they designed and printed solid bodies utilizing the corresponding software. In the   recycling subject the students realized the need to avoid the use of microplastics and linked the value of plastic recycling to  filament  production for 3D printers

At the end of the round   the teachers distributed  the program to all classes of our school in the subject of 3D printing. All our students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the new technology, to get in touch with the new know-how and to print the badge of their department.

Commemorative items were printed for 6th grade students leaving our school.

2nd Round of Pupils Traininig Activities in Italy

The second round of Pupils Training Activities in ISA13 – Istituto Comprensivo di Sarzana in Italy took place from the beginning of April 2021 till 15th of May 2021. In the second round 96 pupils/students were involved from 4 classes from Primary School and 2 classes from Secondary school.

2nd Round of Pupils Traininig Activities in Portugal

The Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes implemented the 2nd round of students’ training course between May 10 and June 11, 2021.
From elementary school 125 students participated and from secondary school 76 students participated for a total of 201 students.

 The results were very satisfactory: we had participatory, committed, and motivated students.

 The project helped students to contact with interdisciplinarity in terms of content – English, mathematics, science, citizenship, modeling, arts and 3D printing – and with various learning methodologies: content anticipation, different levels of autonomy and collaborative work between pairs.

The project adheres to the principles of the STEAM methodology.

Students were active agents in their teaching-learning process and contacted with the product development in all its phases: planning, construction, printing, and use.

This project has contributed to increase students’ motivation in what concerns learning mathematics and demystifying the idea that this is a very difficult subject.

1st Round of Pupils Traininig Activities in Chios –Pilot round

The 2nd Primary School of Chios-Greece implemented τhe 1st round of students’ training course during 3 weeks, from 14th of January2021 till the 4th of February 2021.  The 1st round of training is the PILOT ROUND.

Two groups of students participated to the 1st round.

1st group: 15 students of the 2nd grade

2nd group: 19 students of the 5th grade

The topics of the math course were:

1st group (2nd grade): Use of the storyline method/ Grouping several objects based on color-Talking about criteria-Description of the concept of groups (red apples or green apples)        (4 hours)

2nd group (5th grade): Introduction to Fractions- Equivalent Fractions-Compare Fractions     (4 hours)

The topics of the waste management course were:

1st group (2nd grade) & 2nd group (5th grade): Introduction to waste-Introduction to Recycle-The Recycle in Leria Portugal/Sarzana Italy /Chios Greece- Activities (5 hours)

The topics of the 3D Printing technology course were:

1st group (2nd grade): What is 3D printing (introduction/applications)-How we use XYZ 3D printer-Printing numbers 1,2,3,4,5 with different colour-Grouping numbers according to different criteria-Printing with different colour letters A, B, Γ, Δ-grouping letters according to several criteria (8 hours)

2nd group (5th grade): What is 3D printing (introduction/applications)-How we use XYZ 3D printer–Printing a circle-Printing 4 equivalent parts of circle-Discussion about fractions-Printing 6,8  equivalent parts of circle-Discussion about equal fractions-Comparison Fractions(7 hours).

At the end of the pilot round all the students of our school attended the 3D printing course.


1st Round of Pupils Traininig Activities in Italy

From 16 November to 21 December 2021 pupils of ISA 13 of Sarzana took part in the first round of Pupil’s training activities based on the 3 topics of the project 3D ReMath: mathematics, recycling, 3D printing.

6 classes from the primary school and 3 from the secondary school were involved in the activity.


The third and fourth grades of primary school dealt with the “sets and combination”  curriculum, while the fifth grades of the primary school and the classes of secondary school practiced the “fraction” curriculum.

The pupils carried out various activities on the Nearpod and Kahoot interactive platforms and participated in practical workshops with material suitable for all pupils with a view to inclusion.


Starting from this school year, the study of Civic Education has been reintroduced in Italian schools, and the waste management curriculum is fully part of the program. This topic was a very important food for thought and discussion which actively involved the pupils.

Besides the theoretical interventions (slides and videos), the waste management curriculum also included creative workshops, which, given the period, developed the theme of Christmas.


The 3D printing curriculum was an absolute novelty for all of our students. After a first brainstorming to understand what the students already knew about 3D printing and more generally about 3D, we moved on to the theoretical introduction of this technology.

All the students showed great curiosity and interest by asking the most diverse questions.



1st Round of Pupils Training Activities in Portugal

From 29 November to 18 December, the first round of Pupils’ training activities took place in Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes. In this first round participated in the 3 courses (mathematics, recycling, 3D printing) 35 students from the 5th grade and 30 students from the 7th and 8th grade.

Maths course:

The 5th grade students performed activities related to sets and combinations (grouped objects according to different criteria and made different combinations), while the 7th and 8th grade students performed activities related to fractions (introduction to fractions and equivalent fractions).

Waste management course:

An introduction to waste and recycle was addressed in Citizenship and Development and Natural Sciences classes, but activities counted on the collaboration of other areas (Experimental Science Workshops, Arts, English, European Club). Students of 1st group created recycling posters and built ecopoints. Letters were also sent to the local community with instructions for the correct recycling of materials and their importance for the Planet. Some pupils also participated in a videoconference with a Solid Waste Recovery and Treatment entity (Valorlis) located in Leiria. Students from 2nd group learned about microplastics in marine environments, food waste, waste management and recycling (the 3 “R”), use and reuse of plastic. Pupils created posters and a map of ideas for reducing plastic.

3D Printing technology course:

An introduction to 3D printing technology and application was carried out, and students printed 3D-models (letters, numbers, fraction pies and other objects). Students also watched videos about 3D Modeling and explored some 3D modeling software. Math and ICT teachers worked together in some classes to perform 3D printing activities.


The students expressed great interest and motivation in the various curricula and in the joint approach of several areas (Mathematics, ICT, Citizenship and Development, Natural Sciences).