Informative event in Portugal

30th June 2021, Leiria, Portugal

Within the scope of the Erasmus+ 3D-ReMath project, some students from the 2nd and 3rd cycles had the opportunity to present to their parents the activities developed in the areas of mathematics, 3D printing and recycling.
This project, which counts on the participation of partner schools from Greece and Italy, contributed to the enrichment of the learning of students and teachers in the three areas covered.
We hope that the development of the project has helped our students to better understand mathematics, increase their environmental awareness and their interest in culture, through the use of innovative technologies and applications.

Erasmus days 2021 The amazing 3D printing technology!

#Erasmusdays2021 #3DReMath

Erasmus days 2020 The amazing 3D printing technology!

#Erasmusdays2020 #3DReMath

An online quiz about 3d printing, math and recycling will be uploaded on October 15th on the website and on the Facebook page of the project and on the sites of the collaborating schools. All the partners will encourage their social networks contacts to answer it.  
Our goals are: To motivate teachers to learn more about 3d technology. To spread the idea that the incorporation of 3d printing in teaching will promote students’ enthusiastic engagement in learning process and help them overcome math difficulties. 
You will find the quiz on the following link:

Ιnformative event about  “3D-ReMath” Programs actions

 Tuesday 4th February 2020, Chios, Greece

In the framework of the dissemination of the program and information to the local community of Chios island, on Tuesday 4th of February 2020, in Amphitheater “Giannis Karalis” of the University of the Aegean, was held with a great success an informative event in order to present the activities of the program, which was attended by local community actors. 

The event took place in the framework of the 1st Learning Training Transnational Program with three participating countries (Greece, Portugal and Italy).

More specifically, the event was welcomed by the Dean of Business School of the University of the Aegean, Professor Maria Lekakou, followed by welcome speeches from the Vice-Regional Governor of Chios Island, Mr Pantelis Bougdanos, the Mayor of Chios Island, Mr Stamatios Karmantzis, the Director of Chios’ Secondary Education, Mrs Eftychia Vlysidou, the representative of the Director of Chios’ Primary Education, Mr Alekos Antoniou and the Chios Regional Director of the University of the Aegean, Mr Fotis Sidirofagis.

Afterwards, the Director of the Quantitative Methods Laboratory of the University of the Aegean, Eleni Gaki, Assistant Professor, presented the goal, the actions and the scope of the 3D-ReMath program, while the Director of the Waste Management Laboratory of the University of the Aegean, Associate Professor Dimitris Lekkas, presented the concept of recycling in the activities of the project.

Then followed the presentation of the project partners, where the head teacher Polina Tetteri, presented the 2nd Primary School of Chios, the teacher Veronica Giannetti presented the ISA13 Istituto Comprensivo Sarzana in Italy and finally the Director Jorge Brites presented the Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes in Portugal.

The event ended with a dance by the pupils of the 2nd Primary School of Chios.

Finally, on Wednesday 5th of February 2020, representatives of the four partners visited the Mayor of Chios Island, Mr Stamatios Karmantzis, who after the event wanted to get more detailed information about the project and get acquainted with the partners from the 3 countries. A constructive discussion and exchange of views took place at this meeting.